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Welcome to the Help Center! Find Support Guides and Documents here and continue to use our App without Interruption. 

Here’s How you can get Started! 
If you haven't already registered, open the App and follow the simple Sign-up steps to get started! You can Log into the App with your Social Media Account, Email Address, or Mobile Number. 

To Book a Parcel Delivery service, you have to enter the Location and Destination, enter the Details of the Parcel you want to Send, select the Preferred Cargo Vehicle, and choose the Payment Method. 

The Parcel Delivery Driver will soon arrive at your Location, Pick Up the Parcel, and Deliver it. 

As soon as the Service ends, you can Rate and Review it so that we know how satisfactory you find Our App and our Services. 

Want to Book your first Service? Download and Install our App on your Smartphone and Book the Service you want within just a Few Clicks.

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